While visiting Moscow for a partner event with MediaMarkt, Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski gave an interview to the team website. The player from our CS:GO roster talked about his team’s recent results, his plans for this year, and his opinion of the FPL.
This year started well for you: third place at the WESG World Finals 2016, second place at the ELEGUE Major 2017, then winning DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017. What propelled you to these results?

To be honest, throughout our career we’ve always had bad starts of the year. But this year we said, let’s change it and make a better start. So we decided to play more, to focus more on tactics. The team told each other:

We can play better right now, but what about later?

There’ll be sunshine after the rain; in our history, it’s normal. We’re still learning how to always be good, winning and finishing in good places at events. We’re still learning and practicing.

That series of victories was followed by another downturn. The tournaments in Katowice and Kiev can hardly be called successes. What was the reason for this slump, and have you been able to fix it?

When we watched replays and demos from these events, it was like we weren’t ourselves: not our aiming, not our hands, it was as if we were watching different people play those matches. Those were bad days. We’ve been aware of this business for many years, and we know how to fix it.

Tell us about your impressions of the new Inferno and Nuke. Can you say that these maps are convenient for you?

In 1.6 or in CS:GO before the update, everyone knew Nuke was one of our strongest maps. After the update a few months ago, Nuke was a very strong map for us. Then people learned a bit about this map from us, and right now they know how to play it. But it’s also a strong map for us. We’ve played a lot on this map, in 1.6 as well. We have good tactics, we know how to do rotations on the map. In our team’s history, call leaders have always liked to play Nuke, and had a good playstyle.

Regarding Inferno… Every map is better for us than Dust 2. Valve removed Dust 2 from the game and added Inferno, so it’s good for us.